Vestfrost Pharmacy Refrigerators

Pharmacy Refrigerators

Pharmacy Refrigerators operate with stable temperatures from +2°C to +8°C and are developed for reliable storage of medicine in pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. Among many other features, the models are made with space-saving design and LED lighting for clear viewing of contents.


Large Control Panel

The large display shows the current cabinet temperature. Temperature history can be viewed on screen, or transferred via USB download from the data logging system.


USB Data Logging

Data of temperature history can be downloaded via the built-in USB port. Usable for reporting statistics validating correct storage temperature.

Adjustable Drawers

The extractible drawers inside the cabinet include partitions for rational storage of medicine.


Mobility is enhanced by the castors, which makes positioning and re-positioning effortless.

AKG 427E

Pharmacy Refrigerators
Gross volume 356 (12.6)l
Height (mm) 2055mm
Power (24hrs) kWh


AKG 317

Pharmacy Refrigerators
Gross volume 306 (10.8)l
Height (mm) 1560mm
Power (24hrs) 3.52kWh


AKG 377

Pharmacy Refrigerators
Gross volume 377 (13.3)l
Height (mm) 1860mm
Power (24hrs) 3.81kWh


AKG 157

Pharmacy Refrigerators
Gross volume 126 (4.4)l
Height (mm) 830mm
Power (24hrs) kWh